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September Crown results

Victory to Viscount Sir Ieuan Gower, fighting for his lady wife Viscountess Gwyneth Gower. Congratulations to the both of them!


cäkenschmööscher ... bork bork bork!

Two of my favorite things... Japanese, and the Swedish Chef...

The very difficult decision was made this evening to allow Jock to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. He was in to see the vet yesterday for a very routine procedure. He came through the procedure well, and seemed fine, but when my mom went to pick him up last night, the vet asked if she minded him staying overnight. This morning, shortly after the first vet tech arrived at work, he had a very bad seizure (he has had seizures for many years now, and had a very complex medical history). He never really came out of the seizure properly, and his state deteriorated rapidly throughout the day. I received the call at 1630, and was there by 1715. At that point, he knew that I was there, but could not see me. His eyes were glazed over, and was breathing with the aid of an oxygen mask. The vet did not feel that he would make it through the night though he said he could keep him overnight. When I expressed that I did not want him to pass alone, he mentioned that we could send him to the 24 hr. hospital in Langley where he would receive around the clock care. I thanked him, but what I meant was that I did not want him to die without the people he loved the most around him.

I don't know the exact time, but it was around 1900. He passed quietly with us surrounding and petting him. My life will never be the same.

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So... which is your most 'yikes' ad? I have too many to count!

Help Whip Cancer

I became a consultant with Pampered Chef recently. I did it because I really love their product. Don't care so much about the money (though extra money is always nice), and in fact, I had actually 'signed on the dotted line' before I even knew how much commission was. It kinda went like this in my head: "Money? You can also make money? Really, how much? Cause I really just wanted the product!"

Anyhow, as many of you are aware of, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of the things I like about Pampered Chef (other than their products!) is that they are all about giving back. In addition to donating $1.00 to the Canadian Cancer Society for each limited edition pink item (see below), we donate up to 25% of sales from October Help Whip Cancer fundraiser shows.

Feel free to have a looksee at the limited edition pink 'stuff, they are only available for online purchase:   www.pamperedchef.biz/kimkirby


Tir Righ Coronet results

For those not on the Northern Road email list:

Mistress Yrsa posted at 2:30 pm:

Kheron is still clean.
Alden is still clean.
Saif is still clean.
Paddy is still clean.
Olen is down one life.

Then Sir Kheron posted at 4:24 pm:

Mistress Katherine inspired Sir Alden to defeat Sir Saif in the finals of Tir Righ Coronet.

Huzzah! Kate for Princess, that's gonna be some raucous partying. ;) Just kidding Kate, love ya much Your Excellency!



I'm having a little bout of insomnia at the moment, and thought about catching up on my LJ reading. I slept from 21:30 to 2:30, woke up, went to the bathroom, and couldn't get back to sleep. I haven't read anything over at least the past week, and it seems like there has been an explosion of posting by my friends. So when I realized that, I thought it best to head back to bed instead.

But first I wanted to say a quick thanks to everybody who left comments for me last week with condolences, hugs, and various other forms of support. I really appreciate you guys, and your thoughts helped a lot. I wasn't looking for sympathy, I mostly just wanted to record what was going on (hence why I did it from my iPhone), as I like to use my LJ as a form of therapy... I go back later on and look at what I've gone through and how far I've come, and that spurs me on to endure more of life's uckyness.

So anyhow, yeah. Thanks. You guys mean the world to me, whether you're my bestest best friend, or somebody I barely know but respect and want to get to know better. If you're not sure where you fall in the grand scheme of my life, and you need me to categorize you, let me know, teeheehee. ;)


Mar. 12th, 2010

As if this week wasn't difficult enough, my mom fell and dislocated her shoulder earlier today. She went to the hospital, and they put her under general anesthetic to put it back in place. The xray also showed a fracture.

I'm so done, I just feel numb.

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Mar. 9th, 2010

My uncle's second wife died last night of a heart attack. By the time he got to the hospital, she was already gone. I wasn't particularly close to her, but I know my uncle is devastated.

She was younger than my mother, and it happened so suddenly. I'm a little shell shocked. Not sad exactly, I just feel a great sense of disbelief. Death is only difficult for those you leave behind. Nonetheless, rest in peace Sheila.

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I just got my final grade. I got an A-!!!

I'm so shocked I want to laugh and cry in the same time. I also feel a little sick to my stomach, but I think that has to do with my budding migraine. I haven't received my graded essay back yet (it should be in the mail next week), so I'm looking forward to seeing his comments. Either he graded me extremely well on my essay, or he gave me a high participation mark (that was out of 20).

Will update as soon as I know. Thanks everybody for your support. The overachiever is happy. =)